In 1948, a group of painters founded a craft cooperative named SLIKOPLESK in the old part of Maribor. After 5 years, this painting works cooperative has evolved into a company with 500 employees, adding industrial corrosion protection to its list of activities.


The period that followed opened the doors for shipbuilding. In 1963, the company was renamed TEKOL, and new procedures, such as thermal spraying, lamination, and waterproofing, were added to the surface protection activity.


In 1978, the company, which at that point had over 1,100 employees, moved to a new office building in Maribor - Studenci.


After 1980, company developed own abrasive, made of hard coal, which was manufactured in Rače plant, mainly for the needs of sandblasting at the Viktor Lenac shipyard. At the shipyards, company started to perform demanding surface protection on tankers designed for the transportation of chemicals.


After the disintegration of Yugoslavia and some operational difficulties, the number of employees at Tekol declined to 200. Company focused mainly on domestic market.


Today, the company employs 70 to 80 people. The activities are carried out at the Maribor - Tezno and Rače plants, at objects of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant, as well as at construction sites – new buildings and renovations of already existing objects.